A new vision for a new year

The new Fundko Dashboard is here!

If you are an existing user, please verify your account to register on the new platform.

We are strengthening the platform to serve you better.

FundKo is working hard to ensure that we are operating on a high level of integrity and legally.

In line with this and in accordance with Republic Act No. 8799, or the Securities Regulation Code (SRC), and international best practices and standards, Fundko will currently hold all lending on the platform until we are granted our “Crowdfunding License”. We are in the process of application with the SEC and will be one of the first companies to gain this license locally.

We are working to continuously improve the lending platform, which will be rebuilt from the ground up. There will be limited functionality initially, but will be making regular releases regularly.

Exciting times ahead as we launch the new FundKo. Thank you for your continued support.