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Why FundKo?

By going direct to peers, the borrower can enjoy better rates, while lenders earn higher than bank deposit rates. One gets a feeling of 'community' because it is people helping other people. Fundko takes care of credit and background checks, document verification, loan agreements preparation, and monthly collections and repayments management.

About FundKo

FundKo is a crowdlending site that matches people who need funds with other people who have excesss cash . FundKo is a subsidiary of Guevent Investments Development Corporation (GIDC) - a company that has over 50 years of experience in financing, tranportation, and real estate in the Philippines. We are proudly Filipino.

Building Futures Together

We verify you and the documents that you submit, originate your loan and provide you with your loan schedule. Your loan is posted on the FundKo marketplace where multiple lenders will invest in your loan. Once fully funded, FundKo will release the loan proceeds to you. Every month, FundKo will collect your repayment and makes sure it gets to your lenders on time.

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