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Borrow from people who want you to succeed

FundKo is a community-driven lending platform that helps you improve your financial well-being. FundKo helps you borrow responsibly, get out of debt, and become a future lender yourself.

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How P2P Loans Work

Instead of borrowing money from a bank, a payday lender, or a pawn shop, you borrow money anonymously from your peers via fundko.com. We offer a variety of loans with competitive rates. Once your loan application is approved, it appears in the marketplace, where it gets funded by our network of lenders. Smaller loan amounts can usually be funded in a day.

While you wait for the loan to be funded, you can provide the necessary documentation to support your loan application. Once the loan is fully funded, you can review and accept the loan terms. If your circumstances change, you may also decline the loan. When you accept the loan, the proceeds will be transferred to your FundKo wallet. From there you can transfer to a digital wallet of your choice.

Paying Back Your Loan

Your loan defines a payment frequency and total number of payments to be made. FundKo will send you a reminder that your loan payment is due, generally a few days before the due date. To minimize your costs, be sure to pay before or on the due date. If your payment is late, you will be charged a late fee, plus daily interest on the unpaid amount.

If you know you are going to be late, contact FundKo Customer Success so we know what to expect. If we don’t hear from you within 5 days of the due date, your loan will be marked delinquent and may go to collections. This will make it harder for you to take out loans in the future, so be sure to communicate with us. If you miss two payments, your loan will automatically go into default and be sent to collection. If you have fallen under financial hardship, it’s important you contact us and let us know your situation. if we don’t hear from you, you may be permanently banned from FundKo.

Your Privacy Matters

As a borrower, your identity is protected. Users do not have access to any personal information of other users, whether they are lenders or borrowers. As the loan originator and servicer, FundKo collects your personal information to verify your identity and determine your credit risk. If your loan becomes delinquent or defaults, we may forward your contact information to a collection agency to recover unpaid money.

Your Financial Well-Being Is Our Priority

Access to credit should make your life better, not harder. FundKo policies are designed to reward borrowers that develop healthy financial habits. Every loan you repay improves your reputation on the platform, which translates to lower interest rates on your next loan. You can also get an interest rate discount if you pay more frequently. Combining sound financial decisions with our incentives, we believe every borrower will eventually become a lender.

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