Lending is currently on hold until FundKo's crowdfunding license application is approved by the SEC. Join the waitlist to get early access to the new FundKo platform when lending resumes.

Earn money while helping others

For the 72 million Filipinos without a bank account, it’s hard to get a loan when needed. Make a difference by lending money to your fellow Filipinos. Help them reach their dreams, and help yourself get closer to yours.

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How P2P Lending Works

With P2P (peer-to-peer) lending, you can make a difference by lending directly to borrowers who need funds. Lenders earn higher interest rates than from savings accounts. Borrowers get lower interest rates than from a payday lender or bank.


Create Account

To get started, we’ll check your eligibility and verify your identity.

Load Your Wallet

Easily transfer money into your wallet using a digital wallet, like GCash or PayMaya.

Invest in Loans

Find loans that match your lending goals and make pledges to fund them.

See Your Wallet Grow

Depending on the loan, you’ll receive payments from borrowers once a week to once a month. Re-invest these payments in new loans.


Get Pre-Approved

Answer a few brief questions to determine how much you can borrow.

Create Account

Create your account and upload documents to verify your identity.

Get Loan Funded

Meanwhile, your loan will be in the marketplace, getting funded by lenders.

Re-pay Loan

Once you receive the loan proceeds, make regular payments until you finish paying off the loan.

Why Lend With FundKo

We’re empowering everyday Filipinos with access to credit at fair rates. We combine behavioral science and artificial intelligence to improve the lending outcomes on our platform. Our carefully designed choice architectures nudge borrowers towards financially healthy behaviors. This not only improves the financial well-being of borrowers but also lowers the risk of lending.

FundKo is pioneering the use of technology to make lending more efficient and fairer. To further strengthen our leadership position, we are in the process of the first crowdfunding license in the Philippines.

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Benefits of P2P Lending

For Lenders

Lend with a purpose and enjoy a higher return from your excess capital than you would from a savings account. Know your money is put to good use helping others in a time of need.

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For Borrowers

Improve your financial well-being. Get access to loans without a bank account. Build a reputation on FundKo and borrow money at rates cheaper than with other lenders. Become a lender and pay it forward.

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