We are awaiting the first ever Philippines crowdfunding license. Get ready for a new lending experience that will help those in need of capital while reducing credit risk. Get on the waitlist as a borrower or lender.


FundKo aims to make financial opportunities more accessible to Filipinos. We strive to open our peer-to-peer lending platform so borrowers and lenders can support each other’s financial success.

For Borrowers

We have removed traditional approval processes so you can apply for loans at more favorable rates. You can build your credit history with more completed loan payments earning you access to more credit at reduced rates for future loans.

For Lenders

You can help our fellow Filipinos while putting your excess capital to work. Our multiple loan products enable lenders to construct a diversified portfolio, which helps reduce risk. 

How It Works

1. The borrower applies for a loan.

2. FundKo assesses and approves the loan to post on our marketplace.

3. Multiple lenders may pledge to fund a percentage of the loan from the marketplace.

4. When funding is complete, the borrower may disburse the funds and begin monthly payments according to loan terms.


FundKo is working hard to ensure that we are operating on a high level of integrity and legally. In line with this and in accordance with Republic Act No. 8799, or the Securities Regulation Code (SRC), and international best practices and standards, Fundko currently put all lending on the platform on hold until we are granted our Crowdfunding License. We are working to continuously improve the lending platform, which will be rebuilt from the ground up. 

We thank you for your support and patience as we strive to reopen the platform to new applications for our fellow Kababayans.